Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Diary...

"Storme, I hope you know that I do NOT have all day to sit here and dilly dally with you, now come on and let me see how beautiful you look, don't be shy, I'm only your mother, dear. Plus, it's Halloween, everyone will love it! “My foster mother, Starla, yelled aloud so that I could hear her from upstairs, with the tone of voice that's supposed to be sweet and embracing like a mother, but all I could hear was a horrible screeching sound coming from out of her mouth as she tried so hard to mumble her words out with the fall cold that you catch every year when the leafs turn orange, yellow, red, or any ordinary color to make it unique. My mother’s hair is a very light brown, with blond highlights in her glossy preppy hair, her skin tone is tan, just like a Sunkist California girl as to what Katy Perry would say. Her eyes are baby blue that shimmers and sparkles like the deep blue ocean with the sun hovering over above it. Her style is new and up to date, unlike most mothers I see, but I hope that doesn't give a bad perspective on her as a mother, but what I see that is very weird in my mother, is that even though she looks like a play boy bunny, she doesn't act like one. She acts just like your typical mother who will back you up for anything, makes dinner, does a lot more than what she can handle, and also rushes to your side to save the day. I sure hope that one day I can be just like her. I fixed my hair once more after curling it, trying to make it look like small spiral curls twirling around my head like a Mary-Go-Round when I shake my head from side to side. I re-powered my face with the 220 shade of skin cover-up. I got out some dark red lipstick from my drawers, re-imaging my lips so that they could look as perfect and as well shaped like the super models on the cover girl commercials. To top it off, I added a big smear of clear lip gloss so it can shimmer in the light. As usually, I globed on my eyeliner around my eyes and on my eyelids so that my eyes would stand out more and pop out. I had a crystal ball necklace around my neck that touched my clavicle, which made me shiver a bit from the coldness of the metal loops which formed to be my necklace. I wore a gorgeous black velvet and purple silk dress with a matching shoulder hooded cape to top it off. I modeled myself in the mirror, a grin starting to appear, showing my metal wires and black and orange strings which happened to be my braces, which I get off in a couple of days. I grabbed my purse and began to jog out of my bedroom door when I suddenly remembered that I wasn't wearing any shoes. I sighed and rolled my eyes slightly as I began to think to myself that I'm such a fool for forgetting my shoes. I opened my closet door and scattered through the cluttered mess that was my clothes, accessories and shoes. I fumbled upon my old scrapbook I had been working on when I was in second grade, but I pushed it aside because I knew that I would sit there for an hour and look through it.

"Aha!" I gasped aloud as I found the perfect shoes. A pair of lace up black sandals; perfect! This is exactly what I needed for my Gothic Vampire custom. I sat down on the edge of my zebra striped bed as I began to lace up my sandals.

"I hope they don't think of me as some Twilight fan girl..." I began to mumble in my thoughts to myself as I inserted each lace into the hole with time and effort. I was trying to appear as some Gothic Vampire girl, and no, I don't shine in the light like Mr. Cullen. That stuff makes me sick to my stomach. My goal was to make myself look satisfying, to make his mouth drop, no matter if I dressed pretty much the same or not, and related to my boyfriend of 5 years, Xivilai. (Civil-Eye) I know that this might sound weird and unexpected, but he happens to be a Gothic Vampire. Yes, I said that too sudden, huh? But at least you know what I wanted to compare myself to, right? I then finished tying up my laces. I began to gradually sit up, and grab my black purse with silver laces on them to make it look spooky, and headed out of my bedroom door, shutting off the light and closing the door while I was at it. I headed down the stairs with a smirk on my face, thinking I was the hot stuff for once in my life. I saw my foster mother, who is Starla to remind you, and my foster father, Thaddeus.

Starla was wearing a black leotard outfit, with her brown hair curled up and pinned up in her hair, a black fuzzy tail sticking out of her tail bone, which was curled and seemed as if it was real, which was a cat tail, and to go with it, two fuzzy black triangles which happened to be her cat ears. My father, Thaddeus, wasn't wearing anything for Halloween. He's not the type to dress up and have fun like how I and my mother do. He just hands out the candy and invites his friends over so that they can talk about how their lives are messed up in the world today and finish the conversation off with a drink of diet coke. My father had short brown hair, hazel eyes that was so glossy and full of life, and his skin tone was the same as mine, pale but with the slightest tan. They all call me daddy's girl, but I guess they're right. I love my father, more than you can ever imagine. We're both pale, and we love doing male activities. Like fishing, carrying heavy objects, so and so.

"Wow Storme!" My mother gasped as she gripped at her mouth as it flung open. "You look amazingly good, I'm proud of you for not putting too much of that eyeliner on. It makes you look like a hutchymama, if you know what I mean." she then added as she glanced at my appearance, smiling as if I scored an A+ on my final exam. My father, on the other hand, was looking up and down, side to side on me, with a not so satisfied expression on his face as he placed his hand on his chin and sighed as he began to talk.
"Well, you already look like a hutchymama." My father then responded, looking straight in my eyes with that "CHANGE NOW!" expression.

"Dad, its Halloween. It doesn't matter what you look like or anything, it's just one night that you get to dress bizarre and crazy. Please dad, can I just wear this tonight?" I respond back with those big puppy dog eyes that shimmer like anime eyes.

"I suppose so." My father responded while exhaling. It seemed like he would of had more to say if I hadn't of said what I did, but I caught it in time, well, this time.

As if it was supposed to be on-cue, we heard a knock on the door. My heart raced as butterflies appeared to flutter around in my stomach, trying to find a way out. The silhouetted figure out the door was tall, skinny, and muscly. I knew it was the man of my dreams, my knight and shining armor, my one and only love, Xivilai. As I began to run towards the door, my father stopped me at once.

"Nu-uh." My father said as he placed his index finger on my nose. "I'll get it, you just stand there and look good for him." he then added sarcastically. I hate it when he does that. He then grabbed the knob of the door, twisted it to the right, and opened it slowly. My heart began to beat very fast in my chest, off beat, and out of control. It needed to be tamed, and I know exactly who could. A black converse shoe appeared in the door, along with black skinny jeans, a metal loop going from one belt loop to another, a white shirt, with a black short sleeve button up jacket. I then saw the face of an angel standing before my eyes. My eyes twinkled in delight, as my heart fluttered making me have a drooling type facial expression. Xivilai had short brown hair with side bangs that seemed as if they were cut with a razor shear. His green apple eyes were perfect with his pale white skin, as it seemed he had eyeliner on his lower lash lines, but his eyes are just so amazing like that. His white and sparkling teeth appeared out of his mouth, with two fangs showing, which I noticed but my parents still haven't found out to this day what he really was.

"Hello my beautiful gorgeous princess." Xivilai said as he looked at me directly in my eyes, like he can read my soul. My heart melted as his lips spoke.

"Not as handsome and amazing as you look, my prince." I replied back, blushing, still getting the same feelings as when we first met. The spark was always still there, it never left, and it never will leave. He grasped my hand, as our fingers naturally became to take shape and intertwine with each other’s. It was as if we were made for each other when our fingers intertwined. It fitted perfectly.

"So, she'll be coming with me tonight. I'll have her home by tomorrow morning." Xivilai said as he looked at both of my mother and father. My mom and father looked at each other, still uncertain to let their baby girl stay with her boyfriend for the night, but her so called baby girl was 18, Xivilai was 19, just a year older.

"Alright, but make sure you have her home by ten o'clock tomorrow morning, and if you don't, I'll cut off your head and stuff it and put it above my fire place." My father responded to Xivilai. We all had a confused face, yet knowing that he was joking, we just had to take a minute it realize it.

"Alright, will do, sir." Xivilai chuckled.

"Bye mom and dad, I love you." I told my parents as I gripped Xivilai's smooth and soft hands that were comforting as we walked towards the door.

"We love you too, dear." My parents both said at the same time.

As me and Xivilai walked out the door, my parents stood at the door to watch the prince take his princess away. I walked to the passenger’s side of Xivilai’s sparkly green with red flames 2010 Camaro, when he suddenly came in front of me and opened the door for me, like a gentleman.

“Lady’s first.” Xivilai told me as a smirk started to appear upon his face. I looked above to look at him directly in his eyes, and made the cheesiest ‘in love’ smile I possibly could to show him how much I appreciated him with helping me out, but sometimes, even though he’s different from me with being a vampire, I can do stuff on my own, but I know he just wants to help because that’s in his nature to. I stepped inside and took a seat, then took the rest of my dress in and shoved it on the side of the door so that Xivilai could close the door. He then quickly jogged to his door, opened it, sat in the seat, and closed the door. I’d love to just get out of the car and open to door for him, but all he’d do would pick me up, and set me back down in my seat, but I won’t put him through the troubles of helping me again with the same thing.

“So, are you ready to go, honey?” Xivilai asked me in the sweetest, lovable, and most charming voice in the entire world. I couldn’t help myself but move forward to give him a nice warm kiss on his soft and luscious cheek. As I done that, he exhaled, and I took a huge whiff of his sweet aroma which was his breath. It smelt just like puppy’s breath to me. It was so amazing. I pulled back after meeting my lips with his cheek, and looked at him in the eyes and smiled deeply.

“Yes, if you’re ready baby cakes.”  I responded as he then put the clutch in drive. I buckled my seat belt in, and as soon as I was about to reach over and buckle his for him, he had already done it. He was so cute; I just didn’t know what to do with him. I then leaned back in my seat and watched as the children ran from door to door in excitement to get some delectable candy that resulted to toothaches and caused cavities. As I kept peering through the window, I felt a warm grip upon my left hand, I looked over, and had seen Xivilai smiled brightly at me, like an expression of “This isn’t real, it’s too good to be real.” And darling, I felt the exact same way.

“So, where are we going Hun?” I asked Xivilai as I stared at his green apple eyes.

“It’s a surprise.” Xivilai responded with the cutest and biggest smirk on his face. I hated when he done this; getting me so curious and frustrated with trying to figure out what he was going to do. I wanted him to just come out and blurt it to me, but another thing was, was that he’d have these facial expressions that I could not tell if he was lying or not.

“Come on sweetie, please tell me? I’d tell you stuff if you wanted to know so bad… well, maybe, but please?!” I kept begging him, as I clenched on to his arm, but stopped as I then remembered he was driving.

“Nope, I’m so sorry, but you’ll find out, but to keep you from looking…” He responded as he pulled over to the curb of the road, and took my head, and put a black, soft, and fuzzy blindfold on my face. I sighed and gripped to his right hand tightly as he used his left hand to steer the wheel.

“Come on, babe, this isn’t funny, I really want to know!” I wined as all I could see was pitch black, but hear the car’s engine and some chuckles from Xivilai. I sighed again as I kept thinking and thinking of what was going to happen.

"It's a big surprise, that's all I'm saying sweetheart." Xivilai said in a very happy tune of voice. I really do wonder what he is going to do. I'm getting so confused just trying to think about it because there are many possibilities for a surprise. I know my birthday isn't coming up, so it's not that. Christmas is coming up but it's in two months, could that be it? An early Christmas present? But I already got my present from him, which was him his self. I kept quite as I continued to keep thinking and getting lost in my train of thought when all of I sudden I felt a soft, smooth, and warm feeling upon my cheek. It was Xivilai's 'worth to die for' kisses. I love the way he kisses me. The feeling is truly unexplainable. It feels like I've entered in a whole new world.

"Alright sugar plump, we're here." Xivilai said excitedly as I also heard him fumble around to grab the knob to let himself out of the car, fallowing footsteps taking out of the car, and the slamming of the door. I was wondering where he'd went to, until I heard my door open. I couldn't see anything, but I felt a his hand meet mine. He gripped at my hand, putting his other hand on my back, and helping me out. I stumbled and tried to walk. I inhaled deeply and smelt the cold crisp damp air. It sure did smell like Halloween. I could feel my lips tremble and become hard from the coldness. Xivilai guided me to his destination. 

 "Watch your step sweetie." Xivilai instructed me. I lifted my foot and tried to feel around with it so I could find the stair step. I found the first one, and I repeated my step three times. I finally didn't have any more stairs to climb. That stuff is very rough, especially with a blindfold. I felt Xivilai's hand slip away from mine. I then started to panic and walk around everywhere.

"Stay still babe, I'm still here. Just stand still, and take off the blind fold when I tell you, okay?" Xivilai asked nicely. I wish I could be as sweet and tender as him.

"Okay, but please don't do anything to scare me, because I know you did that for the past 5 years." I responded while giggling, not expecting on what is going to come for me. All I hear was Xivilai move around in certain places I wasn't sure of.

"Alright, you can take it off." Xivilai whispered. My heart started to race as fast as lightening. I didn't know if I even wanted to see the surprise anymore. I was terrified of what was going to happen, but my instincts were telling me to, and naturally, my instincts are not good at all, but this time, they were telling me that it's not a joke. I took both of my hands and placed them on my head, trying to find the blind fold bow. I felt behind the back of my head and came upon the bow. I took it off slowly and gently, when all of a sudden, I could see light again. We were in the middle of a cemetery in  gray gazebo. I looked down to find Xivilai on one knee, having a blue box in his hands lifted up with a bright blue wring in the middle of it. I clenched my mouth; as it dropped too low to even exist. Tears started to form in my hazel eyes; I couldn't believe this was happening.

"I know we've known each other for 5 in a half years..." Xivilai began to whisper, as you could hear the anxiety and nervousness in his voice. "But, I've realized that I would love to spend eternity bond with you. You're the one who makes me happy, you're the one who lights my day, you're the one who is my world, and my bride, if you'd like. Will you marry me, Storme?" Xivilai added, looking at me with hopeful eyes, hoping that I'd say yes. Tears started to form even more after the speech he has said, and I couldn't control it. I collapsed down and hugged him tightly, not letting go, letting out my tears.

 "Of course, Xivilai! Of course! I've been waiting for this for a long time now! Of course! Yes! Yes! Yes!" I responded in the voice of a kid at the candy store. I couldn't believe it. It was a dream, I swear of it. This is the most amazing and exotic night of my entire life. This night was so perfect, I couldn't imagine it any better than it went.

He picked me up, shaking me from side to side until I couldn't catch my breath. I giggled as he hugged me, and I just wrapped my arms around him and squeezed ever so tightly, tears still coming out of my eyes. I still can't grasp on to the fact that this is all real and now just a dream.

"Come on; let me show you around here." Xivilai said as he sat me down on the ground and gripped at my hand.

"Alright, but please, don't scare me. I know you're up to another trick. You already made me cry enough tonight, but that one was in a good way." I replied as I giggled, and still felt the strong amount of butterflies in my stomach, about to be ready to explode. We walked down the stair steps of the gazebo. We walked towards the grave stones, all of them carefully engraved with extreme care. Some, well, not so much. It fascinates me how long ago people passed on, and I'm so curious where we go when he die. Everyone say's heaven, and I believe that, too, but, I have doubts, too. But life isn't just a free trial like on games. It has to go on some more.

"Look at right here." Xivilai said as he pointed at this one particular tomb stone. I looked down and glanced at it. It had Xivilai's name on it. 1806-1825. I wonder how life was back then. It hurts me to look at the tomb stone that once belonged to my future husband. I clenched on to his jacket, burying my head into his chest, and trying not to cry.

"What's the matter my angel?" Xivilai asked curiously as he moved my hair from my eyes and lifted up my chin so that I was staring directly in his eyes, and wiped my salty bitter tears away from my eyes, and the ones strolling down my cheeks. I sniffled as I began to talk.

"Just the fact of you being dead once, it.... it just makes me think of if you died today. I don't know what I'd do without you. Just take me with you, I suppose." I said as I kept sniffling. Xivilai hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.

"Don't ever worry about that sweetie, I'll never go anywhere, I promise you. We're sticking together just like paper and glue, I'm telling you." Xivilai responded, chuckling from how he sort of rhymed. I giggled with him, it seemed like the only thing I could do. I lifted my head from him chest and wiped away the remainder of my tears. He looked into my eyes, smirked for a quick second, then moved his hand to meet with my chin, moved my head forward to his, and his lips met my cold lips. I closed my eyes as I kissed him back very passionately. I pulled back and looked at Xivilai. I can’t believe I met the man of my dreams. I keep thinking this even though we’ve been together for 5 in a half years.

“Hey, I know this spooky deserted house that’s close by here. We can go over there and spend the night. Nothing will you get in this deserted cemetery, I promise. No ghost’s, not beasts, just me!” Xivilai said as he tackled me to the cold hard and wet grass, tickling me until I’m almost out of breath.

“Xivilai! Stop! It tickles too much! Stop!” I said laughing as I squirmed around trying to lose him grip on me but I failed at trying. He then pulled away laughing with me and stopped tickling my sides. He kissed my cheek, and my heart fluttered once again.

“Wait, weren’t we going to do something for Halloween honey?” I asked as I realized I was still dressed up. “Or, was it an excuse so that my parents wouldn’t know we were here?” I then added, smirking like I’ve done something very bad but I’m proud of it.

“Well, I wasn’t planning on doing anything else except being with you for eternity and more, but if you would like to go out and do something fun, then we can.” Xivilai said as he smiled at me, supporting me 100% like he always does, unless it’s something horribly bad. He’s so over protective of me, and I love it.

“Nah, I’d rather spend it all with you. Come on, we can go to that old deserted house and look around.” I responded as I took Xivilai’s hand and let him walk the way. I was curious about the house on what it looked like. I was kind of worried because I HATE spiders and Xivilai knew that very well, and even the spider’s webs. As we walked closer to the house, I began to see it. I could see a tip. It kind of looked like the very top of a church with the cross on it, just, not cross, just a round sphere. I saw the roof of the deserted house. It was cracked, black, dry, and looked depressed; just wanting to be loved and wanting someone to take care of it. If I could and had the time to, I would fix it up, because it affected me on how depressed it looked. I saw the rest of the house as we almost reached it. It was a greyish blue color with big cracks on the walls, and some holes but small. The porch had columns of a greyish white, supporting the porch and making it stay ahold of the roof of the porch, barely. All of the windows were open, I could tell as the curtains danced with the wind.

“Are you sure you want to stay here Xivilai? You know I hate spiders and I have a horrible feeling if we do stay here…” I told Xivilai as I held on tightly to him. I can’t help it but when I’m scared I just love to hold tightly on him. And plus, he’s my new fiancé. That makes my stomach have a million butterflies just thinking about it.

“Yeah my dear, I’m positive. I’ll protect you. You just stay with me my soon to be wife.” Xivilai told me as he picked me up and set me on his back. I held on tightly around his neck, but not too tight to suffocate him. I kissed the back of his neck and nuzzled his neck, too. As we arrive to the porch, he sat me down. I giggled like a little child and held on to his hand again. We talked up the stairs, 5 steps I counted. We walked in the door that was already open, and surprisingly, it was clean and neat. They’re right when they say don’t judge a book by its cover, because this surprised me.

Xivilai closed the door slowly, until you could hear the knob lock into place with the hole of inside the door. I turned around, frightened and scared looking at Xivilai.

“I’m scared about this place, you sure about it?” I asked Xivilai once more, having a gut feeling that I know something will happen, just I’m not too positive about it. I looked around the house and seen picture frames with old and crusty picture inside of them. Pictures of flowers, trees, animals, etc. I looked at the pictures once more, examining the little details of them until I felt someone pick me up, knowing that I got carried away and went out into space.

“Come on honey, let me show you upstairs.” Xivilai said as he chuckled and picked me up from beneath my feet and held me like a baby by his chest, or how you can say, like a wedding pose. We walked down a medium sized hallway and met the first steps of the spiral shaped stairs.  Xivilai ran very fast up the stairs, and I couldn’t believe it because of the shape and how small the stairs were, but then I remembered that he was a vampire. We finally got up to the upstairs, and it was very chilly up there. I shivered and rubbed my arms as my body tried to warm it up fiercely. Once Xivilai had seen that I was shivering and cold, he held me close up to his chest and cuddled me as he walked and set me on a nice warm bed. I got up and looked at the bed to notice the bed was new and so was the sheets, blankets, and pillows.

“Did you bring this bed in here and get some sheets?” I asked Xivilai with a curious expression on my face, knowing that the house is old and a banded, so how can this bed be new with new sheets?

“Oh yeah, because I knew that this house would be a great place to sleep in with no disturbances, so we can stay here every once in a while, and I’ll make sure the bed is clean and comfortable for my angel.” Xivilai smiled at me as he rests his head on my chest. I blushed and smiled as I began to run my fingers through his soft and luscious hair that is all mine. I laid my head on the pillows and kept running my fingers through Xivilai’s hair. He then scooted up more by my head and laid his head right beside mine, looking at me and just smiling. I turned my head and looked into his eyes, smiling deeply still believing that this isn’t real.

“We need to put on some pajamas. I’m still in my custom and you’re still in your clothes.” I said as I looked down at myself to find myself in my purple and black custom.

“I figured you’d say that. You and your pajamas.” Xivilai giggled as he got up from the bed and into a corner, muffling the things in his hand around, until he grabbed some blue and plaid pajama pants with a black matching top to match, and some green and black plaid pajama pants with another black shirt to match, but obviously the blue and black pajama pants and one of the black shirts was smaller than the other pair.

“Hmm… I wonder which pair is mine.” I giggled as I glanced at each of the pair. Blue was my favorite color and green was his, which made it obvious. I liked how he had everything ready to go for us without letting me know what he was up to or planning on doing, even though it bugged me really bad not knowing what he was up to.

“You’re so silly, here you go my darling.” Xivilai smiled as he tossed the blue and black small pair of pajama pants with the black shirt to match. I grabbed it in the air and set it on my lap, thinking to myself where am I going to change at.

“Thanks my love, but where can I change at?” I asked as I held up my pajamas and had a giggly expression upon my face.

“You can change in here; I’m going downstairs to change. I don’t want you to get hurt downstairs because of all the nails, I cleaned it up a little upstairs, so I’ll go down there and change, I’ll be right back.” He responded as he kissed my forehead. I blushed and smiled and watched my fiancé go downstairs. I began to take off my dress and set it to the side of the bed and put on my black one, feeling warm and comfortable. It smelt just like Xivilai, too! This was a big bonus for me. I unbutton my shorts and took them off and set them right by my dress. I wore the shorts underneath the dress just in case anything happened, like the wind blowing my dress up, that would be very embarrassing. I put on the blue and black plaid pajama pants that hugged and rubbed up against my legs making them warm and comfortable. I walked towards the bed and took the black fuzzy blanket and moved it down so that I could fit my legs in it. I jumped in bed and covered myself up, lying on my left side looking at the window I now noticed opened. I sighed and didn’t want to go up and close it, but the more I thought of it being open, the more it bugged me. I removed the covers and got up and began to walk towards the window. Step by step I could feel my adrenaline rushing for no apparent reason. I kind of thought to myself that this was a bad idea to close the window, but what kind of bad idea could it be? I began to stand and think for a minute. It could maybe fall for being so old, or I could fall out of the window. I looked at the window and seen a ledge and thought that I couldn’t possibly fall out of the window without having the ledge catch my fall, but if the window fell, then oh well. I continued to walk toward it when I heard fast footsteps come from the steps. I finally got to the cold hard window and reached for it when all of a sudden, something grabbed my hand; a cold, white, hard, and pail touch to it. It began to pull me out of the window, I began to scream.

“Xivilai! Help! Xivilai! Something is grabbing me!” I began to yell as I knew he was right about almost up the stairs. As I began to finally go out of the window with the hand, I finally saw Xivilai come through the door, but it was too late. I was out of the window and up in the air. I looked behind of me to where the hand was coming from, and I saw a guy who had blonde hair with reddish orangeish color to it. His eyes were baby blue, just like my mothers. His skin was awfully pail like he had just woken up from the dead; his lips still have a blue and purple tint to them.  What came to my attention were his big white wings that fluttered in the moonlight. They sparkled blue and purple, which they were so beautiful it almost, hypnotized me. I looked back to see Xivilai coming out of the window in his new matching pajamas. I reached for him but it was no use since I was so high up in the air. My hair flew in the wind and hit against my face making me not see Xivilai very well, but I could see what he had done clear enough. He ripped off his shirt and black and red wings appeared from his back, extending, and they were clearly bigger than him. They sparkled silver and red, and that actually hypnotized me, but I have never seen him done this for the 5 years in a half that we’ve been going out for. He jumped from the roof and flew in the sky, just like an angered hawk trying to catch his prey. I then noticed I was moving faster, the mysterious male was trying so hard to get away from Xivilai. I began to hit the stranger’s hand.
“Let me go, I don’t know you, what do you want from me?!” I asked as I tried to bite his hand. He then turned around to face me as he was still flying high up in the air, as if we were about to touch the moon, it was so bright and beautiful, but it was hard to enjoy it when I was in the air scared to death in the arms of a stranger. He took his other hand and slapped me across my face so hard, that my head flew to the left side. I felt where he had slapped me which happened to be my  right cheek and right by my lips, I pulled my hand back to look at it and I had seen a dark red paint like substance on my fingertips. I immediately knew it was blood, and I started to panic, trying to pull myself out of his grip, trying to get away, I looked back at Xivilai who was so far away from me, trying so hard to catch up to me. I screamed aloud that I could feel my throat, lungs, and body rumble.

“XIVILAI! HELP ME! HELP! HE-“My words came to a pause with gagging sounds as the stranger held me up against my throat. I gripped at his hands to try to get him off of me; his hands were oh so cold, and hard. They were too strong; I don’t even understand why I even tried.  I gagged more and tried to breathe.

“Listen here you annoying pest, you better shut your mouth, or I’ll do it for you.  Your little Xivilai isn’t going to help you in your time of need. He’s weak and defenseless. See how far he is away from me?” He moved my body in Xivilai’s direction, still choking me. I knew I couldn’t wait enough longer to gasp for air, so I nodded my head and kept quiet. “Good.” He said as he let go of me and cached my hand as soon as I fell out of his grip, and flew away. I breathed in heavily, holding my chest as it hurt from not breathing. It felt so good to breathe again. I looked over at Xivilai who was catching up, but I kept quiet because I didn’t want anything to happen. I turned to face the unknown male and decided to ask some questions.

“What’s your deal? Why are you doing this?” I said angrily as I wanted to slap him across his face and rip out his guts and intestines and choke him with it. I was so angry I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wanted my Xivilai. I didn’t want this to happen.

“What’s my deal? Human, you better keep it quiet. I’m taking you because Xivilai doesn’t deserve something good in his life after what he’d done to me.” He said aloud as he looked into the sky, going towards this tall deserted building, looking similar to the one that I and Xivilai were going to stay the night in.

“What did he do that was so bad?” I asked in a snotty and disgusted tone of voice. I was trying to get the point across that I didn’t want to be here, I wanted him to just give me back to Xivilai, but I don’t think he cared.
“What he’d done that was so bad was that he took my life back in 1853. We fought to the death over a girl named Sapphire, and she looked kind of like you, too. He won and got her to himself. I was so depressed and sad. Angered filled through my veins. I began to feel hate more than ever, until one day I confronted him and tried to kill him. I took a gun and tried to shoot him, but he dodged it and it had hit Sapphire. As she fell to the ground, dead, and motionless, Xivilai charged at me and knocked me out with one blow to my face, and before I knew it, he took my gun and shot me. I was buried that day. That’s when we didn’t have the ceremonies that you humans have. A vampire who was desperate had come along whose name was Garston wanted someone to be a part of them dug me up at random, and bit me.  When I was alive, Xivilai was dead, he died in 1859 from an illness that I’m not sure about. I asked Garston if he could bite Xivilai and make him alive, but never tell him about me coming back from the dead.” The stranger said as I looked towards in his direction to see tears form in his sparkly blue eyes. I felt bad, and depressed. I felt bad because he died over a girl, and I felt depressed that Xivilai loved someone else more than me before. It hurt my heart, making me not believe that he loves me, but I have to put the past away and forget about his past as well, he has me and that’s all that matters.

“Well, are you going to kill me or something?” I asked as I gulped from being scared, and I really do not want to die because I’m very terrified of dyeing. I want to live as long as I can before I die.

“No, I’m not. I’m going to keep you all to myself forever and eternity. Xivilai cannot have you anymore, like how he took my love from me, and now I’m going to take his love, which is you, and I don’t care if you like it or not, it’s going to happen anyways.  And to top it all off, I’m going to kill him. Oh, and by the way, my name is Silicon, you should know since we’re going to be spending eternity together now.”  Silicon said as an evil smirk smeared a crossed his face, with a chuckle of satisfaction. Tears began to form in my eyes. I screamed and hit him.

“No you will not take me and kill my fiancé! You murderer! Let me go now! I want Xivilai! I don’t want you and your nasty revenge! Let me go!” I cried and screamed aloud as I hit Silicon in the sides and stomach, and reaching his legs. I could tell he was getting fed up with me already. We were finally by the house. He flew right by it by the window.

“You don’t want me? Fine. You want me to put you down? Alright.” Before I knew it,  get took my hand that he had been holding onto and threw me through the glass window, causing my body to shatter the glass and enter into my body, and my body slammed against a wall, when I finally fell to the ground. I blacked out for a quick second, coming back to reality, trying to move but couldn’t from the glass I could feel in my body. I could at least move my head, so I decided to move it and look around my body. Left arm looked twisted a little, I’ve never seen it like this before, and the pain was excruciating, so I knew I had broken my wrist or hand. There was a big puddle of blood on the ground. It was my blood. There was a lot of glass on me. On my legs, arms, side, and probably even face and head. I set my head back down and started to scream once again, sobbing and crying as the tears began to run down my face and cheeks.

“Xivilai! Xivilai! Please… help me! I…. I… I can’t move… It hurts so bad to move… I… I… I love you Xivilai…” I started to repeat the words “I love you Xivilai”. Stuttering them, my tone of voice quieting down, my eyes started to close and I started to hallucinate. I saw Silicon and Xivilai. Xivilai was trying to reach for me. I couldn’t hear them; the sound of everything became mute, or was that just me? Silicon tackled Xivilai in the air, hitting the roof. I could hear a faint banging sound of the roofing wood come down, right by me. I couldn’t see anything else. I couldn’t hear anything. My eyes began to close. My breathing began to get heavier. I then realized I couldn’t breathe that well, I don’t even remember if I was trying to talk or say Xivilai’s name. I tried to glance one last time, my eyes slightly opened, I seen Xivilai, all cut up, bloody, and looked broken, and then, my eyes were completely shut…

I reopened my eyes, just waking up out of nowhere. I saw a very bright light. Everything was bright, and blurry. I couldn’t see anything but white. I tried to focus my sight again, and the image of a long light by my eyes, and images of people, in white. It was a doctor and his nurses.

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